In 1984, Jay Conrad Levinson introduced “Guerrilla Advertising,” in his book. Guerrilla marketing was influenced by guerrilla warfare, a type of unconventional warfare, and relates to limited tactical techniques of armed civil society. Many of these techniques involve ambush, sabotage, incursions, and surprise factors. Like guerrilla warfare, guerrilla marketing uses the same kind of marketing techniques.

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The Guerrilla Marketing Strategy relies on unconventional, inexpensive marketing strategies that ensure higher impact.

stealth marketing

Guerrilla marketing

Guerrilla marketing employs a variety of strategies and practices to build direct consumer contacts. One of the purposes of the interaction is to generate an emotional response among consumers. The end purpose of marketing is to ensure that people must remember the products, labels, and brands differently from usually they are familiar with before.

Guerrilla marketing is indeed suitable for local companies that have to hit a large crowd without financial collapse. In grassroots, campaigns it is often used by large corporations to support existing mass media campaigns. People have also used this marketing style to pursue a profession or a job.

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Here are a few examples of Guerrilla Marketing:


Stealth marketing is often known as covert(undercover) marketing. It includes top cohorts, celebs, and the product placement. Hiring top performers and actors to manipulate the product functionality is a technique used for targeting a specific audience. Hyundai and NFL are some strong examples of Stealth Marketing. The NFL’s official sponsor hired few top actors and created an excellent bowl marketing platform that reports instantly and displays their cars’ features.


Although stencil graffiti is much smaller than the whole mural art, it is more straightforward and more desirable as it is created in selective spaces in various areas within a short period. Companies have embraced this approach to help them break into the present market for their goods and services.


You have seen photographers organizing a group of people to a specific location for their photography and videography campaigns. Flash Mobs is a good publicity tactic of Guerrilla marketing that certainly attracts the attention of the audience. The people who perform for the Flash Mobs are famous and random people visualize the Flash Mobs.


Stickers may be the standard strategy in which any organization can invest. In comparison, an acceptable guerrilla marketing tactic is the créativity and excellent execution of stickers.


It is a big, far-reaching online guerrilla marketing strategy that has caught the attention of target audiences. 

Doritos made a viral video and used it on YouTube and other social media platforms for advertising. They refined a complicated video and made it very hilarious relating to our daily activities. 

Viral videos are one of the industrial trends in Guerrilla Marketing.


Landing pages build business awareness and reach the most relevant demographic for a particular site. Creative land pages are another Guerrilla marketing strategy that sells the organization to the web area to lead your business campaign.


Corporations have succeeded in adopting the best social media practices to bring their business to the target audience. Pinterest and Instagram energize followers and apply an artistic touch to their pins or posts, and position them in a way that gives the public a feeling of stopping and admiring the talent. Staging the company post setting and advertisement in social media is a significant step ahead in marketing.

That’s all about guerrilla marketing, and I hope it helps you to understand what is guerrilla marketing. Have you ever experienced guerrilla marketing, or are you using guerrilla marketing for your business? Please share your experience and feedback with us.

Thanks all.