To be successful in today’s world, you will have to have a pretty good hold on digital marketing for your business. Managing the digital marketing field is one of the leading factors for success in today’s time and knowing the digital marketing statistics is also a important factor for your digital marketing journey.

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Let’s Know The Latest  Digital Marketing Statics and Trend

To get yourself ahead in the race of digital marketing, you need to update with the latest statistics and trends. Here we will discuss the top digital marketing statistics 2021.

digital marketing statistics

img: Hootsuite,  Digital Marketing Statistics 2019

 Trends in Email Marketing Statistics

Email marketing has been a strategy used by digital marketing managers for a long time now. In the points below are the trends in email marketing statistics, 

  • Many evaluations carried out have witnessed that for an investment of $1 on email marketing, you get a return of $44 on average.
  • The return on investment percentage of email marketing on average is 4400 %.
  • The statistics for email opened on mobile devices is about 49%.
  • The rate by which the receiver opens a welcome email is about 82% on average.
  • The influx and efflux of emails are about 102.6 trillion emails per year, and the number keeps increasing.
  • The user engagement with email is minimum for mobile users, and it is more for PC and tablet users.
  • The emails that relate to people’s hobbies have a rate of 27% when it comes to opening.

Trends in E-commerce Statistics

E-commerce and its statistics trends are other pillars for progress in digital marketing for macro and micro-businesses. In the points below are some trends in E-commerce statistics, 

  • According to a report from 2018, E-Commerce sales took over 12% of the retail sales on global grounds.
  • The traffic percentage of 43% for E-Commerce is organic as a result of Google searches.
  • The stats for active PayPal accounts globally is 286+ million functional PayPal.
  • 65% of the consumers see comparing prices of items in the local store on their mobile phones.

Trends in SEO Statistics

Investing in Search Engine Optimisation is one of the essential parts of digital marketing. Here are some of the points mentioning trends in SEO Statistics, 

  • Content creation has been claimed as the go-to SEO technique by 72% of marketers for efficiency.
  • Searches on google per second are more than 77,000.
  • The first five results displayed on Search Engine take 67% of clicks.
  • 50% of the searches focusing on queries are or exceed four words.

Trends in Online Shopping Statistics

What is a business without a stronghold in the sales sector? Definitely a project not well executed! Here are a few trends in online shopping statistics, 

  • 68% of men found spending money online when compared to women spending online.
  • Stats have pointed out about 1.66 billion people usually shop online every year.
  • Consumers with a percentage of 50% claim online live chat to be the best method of reaching any business.
  • 79% of consumers have claimed free shipping to be their inspiration to shop online.

That’s a glimpse of some of the trending digital marketing statistics, and I hope you get to know something new and knowledgeable. Share your valuable feedback that helps us to understand what kind of content you guys are loving.It is essential to know for us to produce high-quality content for future growth.