There are almost 800 Million Internet users in India, and the number is continuously increasing. And when we talk about the future of digital marketing in India, it is way better than ever before.

A smartphone is the basic need of everyone. After the Jio resolution, India is the most extensive data-consuming country in the world.

Digital Marketing is continuously changing. It is not like traditional marketing that follows the same method for years.

Followings will become the future of digital marketing:


Artificial Intelligence is a dominating industry. It takes away millions of jobs already and will continuously take away shortly. So. It is essential to be familiar with Artificial Intelligence, especially for digital marketing and other industries. Every business wants to integrate artificial intelligence in their business because it gives them ease of doing work fast as a human does.


Everybody knows what Influencer Marketing is, but do you know what Micro-Influencer is?

Micro-Influencers are the influencers with the medium follower that not that much and not that low. It is a great new way of promoting your product or services.

Because micro-influencers are not familiar with brand endorsements, they will promote them in their friends and family circle if they get any sponsorship.


Social media is changing now, and it is not only limited to liking your friends’ posts and posting random images. Business uses it to showcase their product and services and build a brand image of their business.

Social Media influencers are the new method of promotion that brands use now. Social Media posts now have a buy option to buy products even from a social media post.

You don’t need any website to sell your product, and you can directly sell it on social media platforms like Instagram.


Vlogging is everywhere, and every business wants to add it to its content. Vlogging is the future, and it is more popular than ever before.

Vlogging is simple, engaging, and it can empathize with its audience.

Vlogging can be practical with your marketing strategy, and if you can integrate it with your business, you use it as a marketing strategy to help your business.


There is a lot of hype about voice searches, that voice search is the future; it will change everything. Now everyone is familiar with voice searches and voice assistants like Alexa and google assistant. And according to statistics, over 50% of searches were voice searches in 2020.

Brands should optimize their content according to voice searches. Voice searches all about optimizing customer experience that will help brands to build relationships and build loyalty.


The chatbot is a trending topic to discuss nowadays. Every business wants an integrated chatbot for its business.

According to statistics, the chatbot will help businesses save almost 8 Billion dollars every year by 2022. The chatbot is very engaging, from the customer’s point of view as well.

Chatbots are available 24/7, and they are responsive and provide instant answers to visitor’s queries.

That’s all I have about the future of digital marketing. There is a lot to discuss, but I think that adds value instead of wasting your time. What you think, what will be the future of digital marketing? Will it die or be awesome shortly? Tell us and give your valuable feedback.


Thanks all.