Keyword research is the cornerstone of pay-per-click and SEO analysis and best keyword research tools are essentially important for SEO. You could sell yourself low on your future potential if you don’t use the best keywords.

However, the keyword strategy is far more than finding out what people are looking for. It means choosing the right keywords, what you will rank for, and much more. A keyword analysis is not merely about a “keyword” it concerns sentences and queries that the target group uses to discover solutions, goods, and services. These phrases and questions are essential to every type of marketing strategy.

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There are plenty of free tools that you can use to acquire valuable knowledge about keyword research. Breaking down for you 12 open, easy-to-use, useful for data marketers and organizations to boost their marketing campaign. Here are the few best keyword tools:

Google Trends

Google Analytics allows you to see the relative importance of keywords, offer useful insight on geographic adjustments, and is a significant source for measuring seasonality and changes its trends in search engines over time for particular keywords.

This knowledge is useful because it will help you stop jumping on a trend that has passed and enable you to see what matters to users of Google now.

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Semrush FreeTool- Keyword Free Tool

The Semrush Free Tool gives loads of details and is an easy tool for keyword analysis. Free users can execute 10 requests a day but note that in Domain and Keyword Analytics each question counts for their max limit of 10 requests.

You will see large matching keywords, matching phrases, exact matching, linkages, and keyword questions in every query.


Reddit is a massive forum that millions of users use every day to address questions they have, find answers, or find ideas that they need. QuestionDB has built a huge database focused on Reddit queries that test the importance of a keyword.


This is a perfect tool to explore sentences you might not have been thinking or missing.

AnswerThePublic has a free version of their app, allowing you to access questions and phrases visualized about a given root keyword. This is a great tool for research and ideation. Please note that for the Pro version you need to pay for each root keyword to get the geographic details. They split down the details into relevant questions, prepositions, alphabetical order requests, and corresponding searches.

Google’s “People Also Ask”

It is a perfect platform to search for queries that people generally ask. If you enter a question with your keyword, a segment named “People also ask” is often shown.

Here you can see the popular keyword queries linked to your Google keyword. The more items you tap on “People also ask”, the longer the list becomes. You can continue to press choices until you have a complete bunch of references.


Scrape proposed multi-source keywords.

Soovle brings you recommended Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, and other keyword suggestions. You can find everything at one location. In this way, you can find unused keywords that your opponent does not know about.


In seconds, you can get thousands of keyword suggestions.

It’s a basic (but powerful) tool. So, what’s special about Jaaxy? First of all, it offers several suggestions for numerous keywords including a handful which you can’t find in most other resources. Moreover, you get valuable information for any keyword it produces (including competition, search volume, and potential traffic).

That’s all I have about best keyword research tools, hope you find it helpful, please share your feedback with us that will help us to improve our content, so we can produce more such quality content.

Thanks all.